Aging With Confetti

We’ve all heard that growing old is not for sissies, and it's true—health, loss, change, and many other hardships can be found in the season of life over fifty. Read more

Over Fifty And Fabulous online magazine for women over 50. Fashion, Adventure, Health, Women Issues, Grandparenting, Relationships, Faith, Empty Nest, Midlife, and more. 

​​Encouragement For Women Over Fifty

Book Review:

"Will read over and over! This book is totally awesome, it captures the emotions of the 50 plus woman and it lifts and encourages us that life is not over, but just began......I love, love!"

-Malea Lyday

Sisterhood Of Support


Faulty Thinking


Book Review:​ 

"A must read for the Christian walk in this world. I went back many times to read it again not wanting to miss a word." -Helen Bigg

"I wanted to ingest every word. I am giving this book 5 stars, and would give it six if I could." -B Koehn

​​​NASA Team Member Sharon McDougle 

​shares on faith and life over 50. Read More

Online Magazine For Women Over 50








A Season To Stop And Smell The Roses

Imagine the adventure of starting a business after the age of fifty? Now imagine that business was all about adventure—more specifically, organizing women’s boutique travel groups. It gets even better, imagine your beloved adult daughter joining you in partnership with this exciting venture? Read more

Connecting with others who are going through similar seasons of difficulty can be one of the most comforting and strengthening steps in the journey of life. Read more

Over Fifty And Fabulous Online Magazine For Women Of Faith Over 50

Days of anxiety proceeded a Segway tour my husband signed us up for in the beautiful Queen City of Charlotte North Carolina. Read more


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If you have ever had a make-over, you know how great you feel when you look in the mirror and see the “NEW YOU.” A similar feeling can come from a closet make-over. Read more