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Maybe a retreat with friends to a cozy Bed and Breakfast is in order. The great thing about this type of adventure is the charm. Not only of the Bed and Breakfast , but the areas that they are located in are sure to be winsome. Check out some B&B's close to you. Or get away all together to a quaint town far away.View B&B's.


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Writing is a wonderful way to share a piece of your heart with the world...

Why not turn mid-life crisis into rich-life discoveries?

Have you ever thought about biking? It's a good way to soak in sun, beauty and stay fit.Click here to find bike paths near you.

Imagine going with your friends on a cooking tour in the South of France. Check out some of the exotic options for cooking tour destinations.

Are there places you have never been you would really like to see? What about the Italian Islands?

Join us on exploring different adventure opportunities big and small. Adventure can be anything from travel, to creative cooking, to art, and even writing. Share some of your own journeys and inspire other women! The winner will receive a weekend for six in sunny Florida. Write and send photos in at: We would love to hear from you!

National Parks are such wonders! Each one unique and fascinating in there own way. Below, Yosemite, is breath taking with its natural beauty.Check out other National Parks.

Have you thought about taking up golf? You might actually play better than he does. Check out some exciting golf travel spots.

Have you ever considered a Staycation? In a busy schedule it can prove to be an uncomplicatedly refreshing adventure? Read more...

Femscape Sojourns organizes women's boutique travel groups for women over 50.