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2018 Fall Fashion

Trends to be on the look out for this season include: Leather, Western, Long Floral Dresses, Vintage, Hoods, Patch Work, High Gloss, Glitter Or Sheen, Plaids, Checks, Plastics and Rubber, Luxury Fringing, Bold Color Tights, Large Bags, Animal Prints, Orange Yellow and Pink Combos, Tweed, Hot Pink. Follow these wonderful over fifty & fabulous ladies of fashion on instagram and style blogs for great tips and insight.



"Style is as unique as the individual. The older and wiser women get the more they realize style is about personality more than trend."


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Overcoming Faulty Thinking

Book Reviews:

"A must read for the Christian walk in this world.  I went back many times to read it again not wanting to miss a word." -Helen Bigg

"I wanted to ingest every word. I am giving this book 5 stars, and would give it six if I could." -B Koehn

Anything Fringe Including Earrings


Creating Style From Husband's Closet 


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​​Encouragement For Women Over Fifty

Book Reviews:

"Will read over and over! This book is totally awesome, it captures the emotions of the 50 plus woman and it lifts and encourages us that life is not over, but just began......I love, love!" -Malea Lyday

"One of the best books I've read to date that focuses on the unique challenges of older women in the body of Christ." -Kate F Eatom

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