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​​Encouragement For Women Over Fifty
Book Reviews:

"One of the best books I've read to date that focuses on the unique challenges of older women in the body of Christ." -Kate F Eatom​​

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"Style is as unique as the individual. The older and wiser women get the more they realize style is about personality more than trend--over 50 fashion & style"

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​​Overcoming Faulty Thinking
Book Reviews:

"I wanted to ingest every word. I am giving this book 5 stars, and would give it six if I could." -B Koehn

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2021 Fashion

Trends to be on the look out for this season include: Maxi Dresses, Maxi Skirts, Sequins, Disco, Puffy Sleeves, Romantic Tops, Cape Blends, Pleated Skirts, Netting, Stripes, Mixing Florals, Feather Fringe, White & Ivory, Scarves, Wide Legged Trousers. Follow these wonderful over fifty & fabulous ladies of fashion on instagram and style blogs for great tips and insight.

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