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A Season To Explore Your Own  Unique Style...


Romantic sleeves this season. Find out more @A_Stylish_Age

Nautical navy, plaid & red 

The lovely look of a floral maxi skirt


Do it yourself fringed jeans. Find out more @TheChicCityGirl

Mature Women's Fashion




Let's Blog About It...

Finally A Great List Of Jeans For the Over Fifty And Fab Figure! READ MORE

Exciting 2017 Spring/Summer Fashion

In a world where style is typically geared toward the youth we begin to see a shift as the mature women steps up to the plate of consumerism. Supply and demand has found favor in the lifestyle flexibilities that belong to the over-fifty market. Not only are mature women a growing target of retailers, creative fashion savvy seems to kick in, and the clothing industry is taking notice. It's more about fun, freedom and spirit, rather than image or necessity. What a wonderful fit with the ever growing industry. Follow some of these wonderful over fifty & fabulous ladies of fashion on instagram and the style blogs listed.

Red is always in season

Red accents pop


Trends to be on the look out for this season include: Splashes of velvet, vibrant stripes, romantic sleeves, touches of iridescence, slogan tees, robes, romantic patchwork, wide chokers, hoodies, off one shoulder, ornate gloves, pink and rosy hues, yellow, ruffles and romance, spring flowers, maxi skirts, school girl jumpers, metal details, nautical combos, fabulous polka dots, layers of lace, fringe, and more!

Fabulous pinstripes @fabulousafter40



"Style is as unique as the individual. The older and wiser women get the more they realize style is about personality more than trend."

Pretty Spring dresses


Happy in hot pink @bagandaberet

Multi-colored pants highlight 

Spring and Summer colors


Beauty, Style

Blushing color @Helengreenwell









Summer blues@vanity_and_me

Graphic Tees@Thesilverstylist

Rose colored fashion adds a 

feminine feel to the season trends