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A Season For Cupcake Adventures‚Äč...

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Cupcake Journals

"Once you lick the frosting off a cupcake it becomes a muffin ...and muffins are healthy.
You're welcome."

In search of the perfect cupcake the Over Fifty and Fabulous Team is venturing into some exciting territories of flavor and originality. Join us on our on going escapades to bring you news of the most fabulous cupcakes around...

Over Fifty And Fabulous Cupcake Adventures

A Sophisticated Cupcakery With Fabulous Flavor

On our Over Fifty And Fabulous cupcake adventures we continued quest for the perfect cupcake we came across a particularly sophisticated Cupcake Shop that hinted of elegance upon entrance. The "Batter Co." is a small storefront where a lovely chandelier hangs winsomely above classic relics displayed throughout. Among the many delightful flavors exhibited was the popular "Black Tie Cupcake" a name in keeping with the shop's upscale image. The Black Tie boasts of a rich chocolate cake center, topped in fancy butter cream frosting, and lightly dusted with savory chocolate shavings. I selected a variety of mini gourmet sized cakes in order to sample some of the customer favorites. There were so many to choose from: Cotton Candy, Sea salt Carmel, Snicker Doodle, Mocha, Pink Lemonade, ect. But when it came to the "Black Tie" one bite was enough to put my associate and I over the edge--pure decadence. And not only was the cake itself delightful, we couldn't help but also be impressed by packaging in which it was served. Much more than ordinary wrappings commonly used in the industry, theses lovelies were taken fresh from then display and placed in an expensive looking box like one you might find in jewelry store--perfectly fitting of course for the Black Tie Cupcake gem. Along with these fine cupcakes you can order a bottle of Dom Perignon for $699. But don't let that price throw you, these gourmet cupcake treats are reasonably priced at around $2.00 a cake. This is obviously not your typical cupcake shop. Although children are welcome and the flavors will thrill, it is a specialty shop that caters to the adult population. It has a savvy feel with cutting edge charm. They even have their own cupcake wagon (a vintage mobile Pantone Blue 1965 trailer) that brings these little cupcake beauties on-site to events such as art shows, conventions and other occasions. To find out more about this unique cupcakery you can visit Or if you are in the South Florida area just swing by and visit this chic, yet down to earth, cupcake shop and be sure to try the "Black Tie."

-The OFF Team

When it comes to cupcakes sometimes it's the little things that make a difference...

Sometimes it's about more than just cupcakes. For instance on our journey to Crystal River Florida (on the West Coast) to visit Just A Cupcake we couldn't help but notice the details involved in the cupcake making process--like an old fashion "pink" blender that sat on the counter. This was only one of many items that were intricately woven into the magic of this quaint little cupcake shop. Obviously, a pink blender won't make a cupcake any tastier, but what it does show is the owners dedication and love of these delicious little treats from top to bottom. No cupcakes will come out of a store like this any less than top quality. The shop itself is on a quaint Main Street with a wonderful array of specialty shoppes in sunny Florida. A perfect cupcake spot to take in the sites, sounds, and balmy breezes. On our surprise visit the owner was out delivering cupcakes, so we were able to talk candidly to her employees that were more than happy to sing her praises. They told us of her heart for the homeless and how no left over cupcake ever sees the inside of a trash can. Every day these cakes are freshly made to perfection, and the ones that don't sell are joyfully delivered to those less fortunate. What a treasure to receive for all. After having scoped out the facility at every possible angel we asked for the most popular cupcake in the shop. We were given the coveted "Mimosa" and boy it looked as fetching as it tasted. It was a champagne and orange juice cake, iced with orange butter cream, topped with slightly crunchy sugar crystals. Wow!! It really packed a punch with flavor--thought about it all day:) If you are ever in Crystal River be sure to stop by and give it a try!

-The OFF Team.