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14 Tips for Choosing and Sharing
Books with Young Children

By Margaret Welwood

When she was little, one of our girls had a foolproof way for postponing bedtime—she’d plunk herself on my knee with a book . In her honor, 

I present Mom/Grandma’s top tips for raising eager readers. Read more

10 things I love about being a Grandma

I feel joy, pure and simple. There's nothing like spending the day with a young child to make you remember why it's thrilling to be alive. (Of course, later be sure to allow time for a nap.) Children are indiscriminate, nonjudgmental lovers of just about everything, and their joy is contagious. Read more

Top 7 tips for new and expecting Grandparents

Congratulations, you're a grandparent! It's a big deal--and an event you may have been anticipating for a long time.

But this transition brings challenges as well as joy. Here are seven tips to help you avoid common new-grandparent pitfalls and handle your new role with grace. Read more

Vacationing with the Grandkids

Planning a trip with your grandkids--I can't think of a better gift, not only for them, but for you too. There is something very special about investing in the next generation--whether they are 4 or 14. Here are some ideas to get you inspired on what this kind of adventure could look like. Read more

13 activities you should never do with Grandkids

It's hard to find the line, isn't it? Back when the kids in your life were your own kids, you could just trust your instincts when spending time with them.

Imagine if it were your grandkids, rather than your kids, who you took to that rock concert that kept them out way past midnight on a school night. It was okay when it was your kids. But when it's your kid's kid, well, not so much. It's the central paradox of being a grandmother: you love somebody else's children, which means when it comes to activities you need to consider a lot of factors.

Here are common types of activities (organized by theme) that a wiser grandparent than myself might avoid.
 Read more

It's true what they say about being a grandparent...there is nothing quite like it. A new world opens up and there's simply no denying the magical effect a grandchild has on the heart of a grandma! If you have entered this season you instantly understand. Join us in celebrating the joys of being a grandmother!
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The Grand Times

As we continue to navigate difficult times of sheltering and social distancing, many grandparents and grandchildren long for an opportunity to see each other. Some live close together and others live miles apart, but they are joined by the same desire to spend time with each other.​ Read More

People usually say to me, “You don’t look like a grandmother!” Which always leaves me a little perplexed. When I had my first grandchild they would say, “Oh, it’s your first one, that’s why.” But now I have ten and there is no escaping the shocked responses.

As a child growing up in South Florida, I had long golden hair, ran around barefoot and had a free spirit, and in a small way that’s what they see in me now; only I'm a grandma. Read more 

A Season Of Joy Beyond Compare

Savvy Grandmother's insight on
electronics & social media

Disturbing indeed: a pediatrician who thought she'd seen it all reports a two-year-old with infected ears turning to Siri on his cell phone--rather than dad beside him--for info. Although, I gather it didn't bother Dad too much--he was busy on his phone as well. Read more

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Gammys Corner

The Joys Of Being A Grandma

It's a Nan's (Grandma's) world

Being a grandmother is an honour which, if you are fortunate, time bestows. Unlike almost every other reward in life, you do not have to work for it, or even deserve your luck. Having been a parent is no guarantee, and I feel sorry for my friends whose children show no sign of starting a family, because I know that the pleasure which I feel in having grandchildren seems to be universal among my friends. We may have disagreed over the years about many things - marriage, parenthood, work - but this new factor in our lives always produces the same response. A sort of rejuvenating glow. We sit at cafe tables showing off snapshots, exchanging anecdotes. That is, if we are not too busy baby-minding to meet at all. My oldest friend, who can boast seven granddaughters, almost never has time for lunch. Read more

10 Fresh ideas for Grandparents to Stay in Touch During COVID-19

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