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"After reading the first chapter I felt like I just skipped through a garden filled with flowers, each representing hope in this season of life after fifty--and I'm over sixty." -Laurie Engelhardt

"Would recommend to my "Group" of ladies! All this age! All Christians! Good job, well written!" -Roy reynolds  

Chin Hairs That Randomly Appear After Age 50 

by Paula Masters

Is It Time For An Adventure?

Over Fifty And Fabulous online magazine for women over 50. Fashion, Adventure, Health, Women Issues, Grandparenting, Relationships, Faith, Empty Nest, Midlife, and more. 

A Great Book Just For Women Over Fifty
"If you are a woman over fifty facing discouragement Exceptional Bloom is a must read! It is filled with encouragement and inspiration that will bring balance and fresh direction to your journey of life."

Book Reviews
Exceptional Bloom: Coming Alive After Fifty

"Will read over and over! This book is totally awesome, it captures the emotions of the 50 plus woman and it lifts and encourages us that life is not over, but just began......I love, love! -Malea Lyday

"It is not one of those cheerleading books that have you think good thoughts and all will be well; rather it is a book filled with wisdom to see the future with right understanding. Paula Masters helps you regain a foothold on life." -Terri Rice

"This book is, in fact, so well written and so plotted with you in mind, you might not be able to wait to celebrate the age your mother warned you about..." -Susan Kaluza

In this season of life building memories with my grandchildren is a top priority. I'm always trying to figure our creative ways to accomplish this goal without taking on too much on. And because there is a special window of time in a grandchild's life (between 0 and 12) when they are eager, I want to take full advantage. Soon enough they will be be swept up in growing-up and the natural stages of cooling off. Read more

"Welcome to a season 

unlike any other."

Sisterhood Of Support

Online Magazine For Women Over 50

Does aging mean invisibility is inevitable? Many women say they feel less important as the years progress. Read more

A Season To Stop And Smell The Roses...

Connecting with others who are going through similar seasons of difficulty can be one of the most comforting and strengthening steps in the journey of life.   Read more

Over Fifty And Fabulous Online Magazine For Women Of Faith Over 50

Oh, the horror of discovering that random unsightly hair that pops out of nowhere. If you are over 50 you know what I'm taking about. And of course, what's the most common spot for this to occur? Smack in the center of the face--the chin. Visible to others first, not you. Read more

Aging And Invisibilty

The Grandmas Club

Adventures With The Grands

by Paula Masters

Kermit the Frog often laments that it’s not easy being green, but perhaps he hasn’t tried green tea yet.  Any beverage as delicious and healthy as green tea makes it easy to be green! Read more

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