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NEXT Health

This can also fall under the Adventure category as it becomes an exciting lifestyle

challenge, caring for the vessel God has given us. 

HEALTH--Explore some healthy choices with your NEXT Community. Visit a Health Food Store--Get blood pressure checked--Try Yoga--Exchange a healthy tip or recipe--Visit a pick-your-own fruit nursery--Do a walking lap inside a mall--Take a brisk walk at a park or a beach--etc.

Health is an important focus in this season. We begin to feel the impact of healthy habits, as well as the unhealthy ones. Caring for our bodies can make a difference. A healthy body keeps us balanced emotionally during an unsettling time. It also increases our ability to keep up with the physical changes of aging; in addition it gives us stamina to enjoy other adventures that await us during this unique era. Although it is beneficial to occasionally pamper ourselves--our habits must become healthy for longevity's sake.