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When feeling parched an inspirational teaching can be just the oasis you need. Why wait when an online video study can reach your heart in an instant. Click on lifeway on the right to find just the right study for you.

Sisterhood Of Support

Music is mentioned many times in the Scriptures in connection with joyful, rich worship. It enlivens our spirit and soothes our mind. Listen to our song-devotional and let all your cares fall away.

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A Season For The Sacred...

Stress And Its Effects

Did you know that you might be adding more stress to you life in the form of self-stress and not even realize it? What is the difference between self-stress and real stress? How do we know which one we are experiencing and why is it so important to differentiate?...READ MORE



Christian Yoga is a great way to center on God's Word. It has also proven beneficial in the areas of: stress, anxieties, cancer, fibromyalgia, injuries, arthritis, immune and circulatory system...