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Sisterhood Of Support


A Season For The Sacred...

Music is mentioned many times in the Scriptures in connection with joyful, rich worship. It enlivens our spirit and soothes our mind. Listen to our song-devotional and let all your cares fall away.

Stress And Its Effects

Did you know that you might be adding more stress to you life in the form of self-stress and not even realize it? What is the difference between self-stress and real stress? How do we know which one we are experiencing and why is it so important to differentiate?...READ MORE

​​Using Philippians 4:8 as her starting point, Paula Masters helps women navigate beyond clouds of spiritual darkness into the brilliant light of truth, peace, and healthy thinking.

Christian Yoga is a great way to center on God's Word. It has also proven beneficial in the areas of: stress, anxieties, cancer, fibromyalgia, injuries, arthritis, immune and circulatory system...