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If you have ever had a make-over, you know how great you feel when you look in the mirror and see the “NEW YOU.” A similar feeling can come from a closet make-over. Read more

Over Fifty And Fabulous online magazine for women over 50. Fashion, Adventure, Health, Women Issues, Grandparenting, Relationships, Faith, Empty Nest, Midlife, and more. Online magazine for women of faith over 50.

Novelist On Being Over 50

​​Life brings us to difficult transitions, such as the empty nest, divorce, career end, health challenges, the loss of loved ones, etc. How can we navigate the changes that are inevitable as time passes? How are we to understand what God has for us in our next season of life? Is He done with us, or could it be that He has treasures for us that cannot be compared with anything we’ve experienced before? If you ever thought you were “past your prime”—that the best of what life has to offer is behind you—this treasure of a book will open your understanding to a luscious pink horizon of possibilities. Read more

Is it true that the older you get the more invisible you feel? Read more

Online Publication For Women of Faith over 50

Aging & Invisability

We need each other.

Online Magazine For Women of Faith over 50

Sharon was the NASA Team member that suited the very first black female astronaut. Read More

Debbie Macomber (New York Times Best Selling Author) is a woman devoted to her faith.  Read more

Over Fifty And Fabulous Online Magazine For Women Of Faith Over 50








Loneliness & Aging


What do you do when you unexpected find yourself facing divorce in your 50's. Read More

We’ve all heard that growing old is not for sissies, and it's true—health, loss, change, and many other hardships can be found in the season of life over fifty. Read more

Aging With Confetti

Loneliness is often described as a sadness resulting from isolation or lack of companionship. Aging can compound a sense of loneliness. Read more