Chin Hairs That Randomly Appear After Age 50

​by Paula Masters

Oh, the horror of discovering that random unsightly hair that pops out of nowhere. If you are over 50 you know what I'm taking about. Of course, it debuts on the most visible spot on the face--the chin. Visible to others first, not you. Only when the lighting hits it just right do you to see it in all its unwanted glory--and this usually happens when you are socially out and about without clue of its existence.

Because chin hair discoveries come at unexpected moments, like glancing in mirror at some obscure location, you can't help but think how you can get home as quickly as possible to find your trusty tweezers. All plans take a back seat as plucking this obnoxious visitor suddenly jumps to top spot on your priority list.

Finally, safe in the privacy of your home you execute the urgent all-clear project on your face. Then with much relief you go about your life thinking all is well. That is until three months pass by and at another social gathering you catch a glance of a new chin hair in the reflection of polished silver. Horror once again! Every nerve stands on end as you prop your chin atop your fist in an attempt to obscure the sight of your return visitor.


As I pondered these things it struck me what true friendship really is. A true friend will be on the look out for chin hair invaders. In fact, a true friend will gladly make a chin-hair-pact. This is the promise to not only be on chin hair alert, but in down times even go the extra mile to pluck the little nuisances if needed. When eyesight fails, or if we're sick, we know we have each other's chins. There is comfort in knowing that a random hair won't take complete ownership of the face because someone else is looking out.

Chin hairs are one of the things that come with aging that no one likes to talk about. They emerge as a result of the hormonal imbalance that accompanies peri-menopause and menopause. A drop in estrogen causes an increase in the hormone that contributes to these unwanted follicles. Tweezing removes them instantly, but they do grow back. Lasers treatment are effective, but can be expensive. At any rate, understanding that random chin hairs are a natural and very normal part of the aging process is something many women have never heard. Laughing about it takes away the stigma and embarrassment. That's my 5 cents for whatever it's worth. 

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