Flourishing in the NEXT season A Season Of Discovering What's Next

DISCOVERIES--Have you put off (or never considered) certain aspects of your personality as something to discover? Maybe you have spent years attending to your family or career. You may have adapted to your environment or culture taking the focus off your own identity. If you find yourself in a new season of life, now is the time to discover as a woman those things that have been hidden from plain sight. 

An adventure in this unique season can take on a life of its own. A seemingly uneventful activity can now become rich and meaningful! Those who share this sisterhood will connect immediately to its depth and substance.

Today is the day to think "outside the box." What are your preferences as an individual? What challenges have you encountered in your life that could use some attention? Why not take an online class? Or read a book to gain insight? Try a new hobby like painting, pottery, writing, etc. 

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