Flourishing in the NEXT season A Season Of Discovering What's Next

Leading Your Own NEXT Gathering

Health Devotional

As women it's normal to experience a sense of loss as roles shift and change in life.

NEXT Community Groups are designed to encourage and deepen bonds of sisterhood through faith and adventure. Two or three ladies is all it takes to get started. Every month brings exciting new exploits as each member of a group is challenged to be purposeful in discovering what is next. Friendship will blossom as both home group time and subsequent event explores a unique facet to community in this season of life beyond fifty.

NEXT is divided into seven rotating sessions, with every month focusing on one segment. Each month will consist of community group time, as well as, an event. Both will share the same theme for that month. For instance, the first session is “Adventure” so the group devotion will focus on an aspect of adventure that comes in our lives after fifty, and the event that follows for that month will also coincide with the adventure theme. 

There are seven sessions in all: Adventure; Simple Things; Discovery; Investments; Treat Yourself; Health, and Treasures

Each community group meeting begins with prayer and announcements. This is a great time to talk about the theme for the month and the event that goes with that theme. Collect addresses, email address, and phone numbers if needed. An email sent out the week after home group with a quick review of the community devotional theme, and reminder of forth coming event is a great way to follow up.

After announcements, administrative needs, and opening prayer the group leader shares a devotional specific to the months focus. Allotting 20 minutes (give or take) for sharing. Following the devotional the group leader leads the ladies in answering a thought provoking question on the devotion theme. Question and answer time is particularly key in developing connections and bonds within the community. Here is where hearts are seen, laughter is heard, and tears are shared. When this intimate time of sharing has completed the group is closed out in prayer.

Select a Adventure Devotional on the right to see specific tips to help prepare for your first gathering. Have fun and enjoy the sisterhood that is unique to this special season in life. ~Paula Masters

Treat Yourself Devotional

Investments Devotional

NEXT Leadership Guide

Simple Things Devotional 

The NEXT Leadership Guide is designed to assist you in cultivating a community group for women over fifty. The Leadership Overview (to the left) is a brief look at the NEXT group format. Click on the Adventure Devotional below for an outline and tips into your first gathering. 

Treasures Devotional

Discoveries Devotional