Flourishing in the NEXT season A Season Of Discovering What's Next

SIMPLE THINGS--experience the treasure of simplicity that surrounds you: Take a walk and listen to the leaves crunch beneath your feet--Relax in a rocker and soak in a view--Head to the beach and watch a sunset--Have coffee with friends in the backyard--Enjoy iced-tea on your front porch--Collect shells or rocks--Pack a picnic lunch and head to a park--Go to a plaza and take notice of peoples smiles--etc.

Noticing the simple things in life whether a new adventure or something routine, can fill our hearts with exhilaration. In this this season we become acutely aware how fleeting life really is. The simple things that went unnoticed, or we took for granted can now embraced to the fullest. Take some time to become aware of your surroundings to a greater degree. Look at textures,colors, and breathe in the fresh scent of flowers in bloom. There are so many blessings that God surrounds us with to consider.

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