Flourishing in the NEXT season A Season Of Discovering What's Next

So, instead of just thinking about the cliche that we should "stop and smell the roses," we can actually do it--we can stop and take in the fragrance of the beautiful rose that we rushed by for so many years. This could fall under the Adventure category, but there will always be a bit of pampering that sets it apart.

TREAT YOURSELF--pampering yourself might be a foreign notion, but as you venture into this category on your NEXT Adventure you might be pleasantly surprised by the results. Here are some fun treats to explore: Try a French pastry or Smoothie with a vitamin boost--Search for the perfect cupcake--Get a manicure or pedicure--Experiment with specialty fragrances--Splurge on a new outfit--Purchase a bouquet of flowers to take home for yourself--Float in a pool--Sit in a Jacuzzi--Soak your feet--etc.

A Season of Cupcakes and Roses is one of our favorite sayings. Why cupcakes and roses, after all, isn't it frivolous? Before this time of life we might have imagined this to be true, but if we have made it to this stage in life we have earned the right to enjoy the cupcakes we once shunned.

NEXT Treat Yourself