Flourishing in the NEXT season A Season Of Discovering What's Next

Flourishing In The NEXT Season

Share your NEXT Adventures with us by simply tagging #flourishinginthenextseason on your photo. You can also scan QR code with your phone camera. Your adventure will show up in our NEXT is now community. Creating community and a sense of adventure that is faith-based and fun is what NEXT is all about.  

NEXT inspires women who are in the season of life beyond diapers, teens, and other early adulthood responsibilities. Whether you are in your 50s, 60s, 70s or later you will find yourself encouraged to share deep connections with other women who are facing similar life transitions and life events. The NEXT season of life invites us into exciting adventures as well as unique opportunities to strengthen our bond as sisters is Christ. (Inspired by Exceptional Bloom: Flourishing In The Next Season​)


Blaze A Path On Your 

NEXT Adventure

And Share It With Us

As You Go Along!

...cultivating adventure in midlife and beyond...

Be inspired to discover NEXT
 adventures in a new and way without the common responsibilities and restraints that come in younger years.

Enjoy the
simple simple things that were so easy to miss in the fast moving pace of days gone by. Now there is time to stop and smell the roses--even scents and colors become more vidid and alive in this season of life.

Make fresh
 discoveries such as learning something new about yourself as an individual. Embarking on informational explorations deepens your faith and grows you as an individual.

Participate in rewarding investments. Allowing God to, not only use your gifts and talents, but your years of wisdom and experience to bless someone else. Serving others provides enriching opportunities to build eternal investments that can't be shaken.

Treat yourself to a luxury-- a particularly delightful pleasure in this season. Sharing these with NEXT will inspire others to do the same. Treating yourself reminds you that you are special! 

Connect and be informed in the area of health, nutrition and fitness. Be encouraged to take care of the body God has given on this earth will reap long lasting benefits in your life as a whole.

Last but not least dive deep into spiritual treasures, gleaning pearls of great wisdom. There is no greater adventure then the adventure of the soul which yields jewels of a spiritual kind. 

A Season Of Discovering What's Next 

​​If you feel unsure or are experiencing a sense of loss regarding your future, know this—your “next season” does not catch God by surprise. He has already foreseen this slice of your existence and has great plans in mind. Read more